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April 2014
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Join us on Turntable!

Mio-chan atag posted Aug 30, 13  -  musicsocialturntableweb

What's Turntable?
Turntable is a free, ad-supported website for streaming music with friends. Feel free to hop on! You can register for free, or simply use an existing Twitter/Facebook account.

How do I join?
Simple, click here: http://turntable.fm/wyldkatz_concert_hall

There are 5 VIP DJ slots for every weekend. In the case you join when there is a queue active, you will be marked as a VIP by a moderator, and therefore, be able to bypass the queue. To be able to do this, please sign up beforehand by clicking on the event (in the events listing below the chatbox)

Here is a cool Chrome app that adds additional features to Turntable:

If you ever need any assistance, please contact the Turntable Room moderators, who are @unix_kid and DJ Navep.

The Rules
- No skipping the queue (if activated)
- Bop if you like the song!
- Keep the lames far and few. They are allowed, but we wish to keep this a non-hostile environment.
- Don't talk shit about what people play. We all have our own musical tastes, so please respect them.
- No extremely obscene music. Lonely Island is acceptable.
- If you have TT Gold, don't post porn. Please. PM it to me, perhaps I'm the only one interested.

Song Limits
0 in queue = 8 minute limit
1 in queue = 6 minute limit
2 in queue = 5 minute limit
3 in queue = 4 minute limit
4+ in queue = 4 minute limit

If you wish to play a longer song, please ask all DJs on deck beforehand.

Bot Commands
/q- gives information on the current queue settings
q - list the current queue
q+ OR addme - add yourself to the queue
q- - remove yourself from the queue
/plays - list the play counts of each DJ on stage
/settings - see the queues current settings

Do /help to get a full list

Mod Commands
q on - turn the queue on
q off - turn the queue off
/1 - set the song limit to 1
/2 - set the song limit to 2
/3 - set the song limit to 3
/none - set the song limit to 100
vip [name] - Name is case sensitive. Don't use the brackets. Moves a user to #1 in the queue.

blacklist username - Bans the user indefinitely.
djmode - make the bot get on stage and DJ
getdown - make the bot get off the stage
skip - make the bot skip the song it is playing
addsong - add the current playing song to the bots playlist
good - remind the bot he's a good boy. Maybe he will kill you last during the robot apocalypse.
avatar # (1~23) - changes TheWyldBot's avatar based on the # entered. TheWyldBot must have enough pts. ~ LIST ~
phone up - sets the bots laptop to the iPhone
fruit up - sets the bots laptop to Mac
nix up - sets the bots laptop to Linux/Ubuntu
chrome up - sets the bots laptop to ChromeOS
droid up - sets the bots laptop to Android phone
autobop engage - makes TheWyldBot dance automatically
shutup - makes TheWyldBot operate in Silent Mode
speakup - deactivates Silent Mode
say - will force TheWyldBot to say whatever you type after 'utbot say'.

Admin Commands
<botname> autobop engage - turns on bot autovoting (If there is only one voting bot in a room this is allowed)
<botname> autobop disengage - turns off bot autovoting
<botname> blacklist <user name> - boots user from the room and auto boots on entrance
First off, I would like to say thanks to everyone who attended.

While there were a few kinks here and there, the meeting went mostly as planned. However, I would like to go over the results of the meeting, and what it means for WYLD.

Here are the results as interpreted by Navep (and audited by myself):

Planetside 2: 68 WYLD Pointz

Grand Theft Auto V: 60 WYLD Pointz

Battlefield 4: 54 WYLD Pointz

Destiny: 52 WYLD Pointz

Grand Turismo 6: 44 WYLD Pointz

War Thunder: 40 WYLD Pointz

The Division: 38 WYLD Pointz

Killzone Shadow Fall: 35 WYLD Pointz

Need For Speed Rivals: 33 WYLD Pointz

The Elder Scrolls Online: 31 WYLD Pointz

As such, you will see strong support for GTAV, Planetside 2, as well as Battlefield 4. This doesn't mean we won't play the other games, but those games will be our primary focus.

Again, I thank everyone for showing up to the meeting. 

Before you answer that with a resounding "HELL YES!!!" let me remind y'all of our roots in Warhawk; a multiplayer online game where you can just pick up a gun or hop in a jet and CHARGE onto victory for your team. The formula is very simple and has been EPIC FUN for us WYLDKATZ and will CONTINUE to be fun and home of our epic WYLD_FUN servers until they shut down the servers......but we need something new.  For a couple years now I've been looking for another Clan game for THE WYLDKATZ. Sure we've played some on Minecraft and raced on Gran Turismo 5 and Need for Speed Most Wanted, but let's face it, people! Our Clan needs an online shooter or something similar to move onto!

Enter....the SONY PS4! It fricking WOWED us at E3 2013 with it's AWESOME features and not a single restriction compared to the aforementioned DRM of the XBOX ONE, save for the fact online gaming requires a PS Plus subscription for you to play online. But hey...$50 a year isn't THAT big a deal to continue enjoying gaming online.........right?

Don't answer that now. Rather come to our Clan Meeting on our chatbox (click Forums & Chat tab) on August 20th, at 8 PM EST and LET'S DISCUSS IT AS A WHOLE! Talk about the PS4, what game(s) Y'ALL think we should move onto! AND STAY WYLD, YA HEAR?!?! ;-)

Announcement of