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I'm glad to announce that we will be expanding to the PSN Multiplayer classic known as Fat Princess! 

This classic features a fun, addictive gameplay where players fight for the princess - through Capture the Princess, a derivative of the 'Capture the Flag' mode known in other games. Stay tuned to our forums for more information on how to join our clan on Fat Princess. 

And now, some clan administrivia to get to:

As we do every few months, a clan meeting will be held on June 28th at approximately 7pm Eastern. The matters to discuss are as follows:

- Continuing with GTAV 
- - GTAV events
- - GTAV DLC/Heists discussion

- Fat Princess expansion (underway now)
- - Fat Princess events
- - Fat Princess 2 expansion plans
- - Creation of a Fat Princess forum (to precede Cake Lair)

- Expansion to a PS4 game (by Q4 2014/Q1 2015)
- - Vote to be conducted two weeks prior, results will be discussed
- - Final decision on a game

Thank you.


Throughout the last few weeks, I have been working on redesigning the website. I am pleased to announce that today, the forums and community pages have now been completed. 

I would also like to mention that the homepage will soon be getting a small facelift this weekend.
It has been amazing to watch the PlayStation community embrace “Where The Greatest Play,” first with our E3 Mural, then by selecting one of their own, Mr. Joey Chiu, to represent them in our Gamer Masterpiece. Now, we’d like to giv...
Published Jul 31, 2014
There’s a touch of magic in the air at VidZone HQ this week. It may have something to do with the amount of awesome new music videos we have winging their way to you. Or maybe it’s because MAGIC! have found their way to your PlayStat...
Published Jul 31, 2014
As we announced back at CES, PlayStation Now (PS Now) is the first-ever game streaming service available on a game console, where you can quickly access a rich and expanding library of PlayStation 3 (PS3) games from our cloud servers. Si...
Published Jul 30, 2014
Hi everyone, Chris Fox here, lead gameplay designer on Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare. We’re extremely excited to be releasing Garden Warfare on PS4 and PS3 this August 19th. To celebrate, I’d like to give a quick introduction to ...
Published Jul 30, 2014
This month our PlayStation Plus members will receive two games free the day they release on PlayStation Store — Road Not Taken on PS4 and Metrico on PS Vita. In addition to these titles, members will receive other popular games lik...
Published Jul 30, 2014
Featured Releases Now Available, Week of 7/29/14: Check out what’s new on Sony Entertainment Network’s ultimate entertainment services! Read more below – Music Unlimited Highlights: Listen to these new releases on Music Unlimited ...
Published Jul 30, 2014
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Published Jul 29, 2014
Hey guys! We’re excited to share that your favorite lombax and robot duo arrives on PlayStation Vita as a digital release in North America today. Thanks to the efforts of our friends Mass Media, you can enjoy Ratchet and Clank’s orig...
Published Jul 29, 2014
Salutations Spirit Masters! Destiny of Spirits has reached over 500,000 downloads worldwide! To celebrate we are running a special promotional period from July 31st to August 12th! Destiny Orbs Sale- 20% off Discount All Destiny Orb pack...
Published Jul 29, 2014
We have been absolutely blown away by your anticipation and excitement for LittleBigPlanet 3. Whilst we still have a lot of work to do before the game is released, we’re pleased that we can now announce that LittleBigPlanet 3 will be a...
Published Jul 29, 2014
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