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Maverick_111™ tagHi Maverick_111,

Thank you for pre-ordering Destiny on PlayStation Network! As a part of the PlayStation Nation, you get to be among the first to become legend. Click here to add Destiny Beta to your library, or search "Destiny Beta" on your console.

Since everything in Destiny is more fun to do with your friends, we've included two additional codes to equip you with a full Fireteam. Sharing is caring, so pass these codes along to your friends and be sure to share your favorite Destiny moments from the Beta with #destinybeta.

Fireteam Code for PS4: LL3B-CDNT-FFH6
Fireteam Code for PS4: JNAR-FENC-6LC4

*A PlayStation Plus account is needed to play online multiplayer on the PS4™

For more information on Destiny, or to inspect your progress as a Guardian on the path toward becoming legend, visit http://www.bungie.net.

The Ultimate Destiny Experience is Only on PlayStation.

See you Starside!

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AtlantiusNavep, I found your horse on my server, over by Madden's swamp xD :)
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The GTA Online Independence Day Special - Available Starting...
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